Linehaul Shuttles

Do you have a regular flow of goods to be transported from A to B? Then you can go for linehaul shuttles at Alblas International Logistics. We drive daily from and to 80 fixed locations across Europe.

Linehaul Shuttles is international transport optimized into the smallest detail. In the transport sector, there is no higher degree of reliability possible.

Linehaul Shuttles is international transport optimized into the smallest detail

From the point of departure to the point of arrival our trucks drive 24 hours a day. Your goods will never stop.

This means that the duration of transport can be planned precisely to the minute. Ideal for larger merchants & webshops which preferre customers delivery within 24 hours.


How do linehaul shuttles work?

  • Once a product is ready or orderpicked, it will be loaded directly into the waiting boxtrailer. Temporary storage is not necessary. The perfect connection to your lean process!
  • The truck with the boxtrailer leaves once it is full and is immediately replaced by an empty boxtrailer. The flow can always continue; quick and efficient.
  • Our driver drives – within the limits of the Driving Hours constant. When he needs to rest, the driver will be changed so that no time is lost.
  • The shuttles run on strict time frames. From our control tower we monitor our line haul shuttles 24 hours accurately. So you have optimal security on departure and arrival.

Our own box trailers guarantee safety in the transport chain. Your goods will therefore always arrive without damage.

Regular drivers
Our drivers are always fully qualified and certified. We work with regular drivers at fixed locations.

Our driver knows your company and your products good and he feels personally responsible for the proper handling of your cargo and promt arrival.

Of course keep our drivers comply with all legal requirements include the Driving Hours.