High Performance

Doing business with Alblas International Logistics is doing business with a reliable partner. We have high performance as high priority. What does that mean for you?

For Alblas is not only the quality and reliability of our transportation high performance: even the personal reliability of our employees is important to us.

Our people do what they say: a deal is a deal.

Reliable communication

Alblas communication is always clear and transparent. Everything goes well you will not hear us.

Is there a problem, your order manager reports neatly and on time. With us, you always know exactly where you stand.

Reliable administration

Another point which proves our reliability is our administration. You will always receive a customized quote.

Our invices are on time. Want to have a customized invoice? Then we will arrange it for you.

Reliable Software Systems

Our reliability is also a technical side. For years, our software developers eliminate human error.

With our Transport Management System we have the exact location of your freight. We know exactly where each truck is driving and whether this is consistent with the planning.

Moreover, we link our preferred software to the software you use yourself, so that orders can be forwarded automatically, without human interference.

With EDI connection we save a lot of time on both sides. What programs you use, our developers can make a match.