Hungary (HU)

Hungary is an important trading partner for countries in Western Europe. Many large companies use the country as a production location. Alblas facilitated by driving daily to and from Hungary.

From Hungary are many intermediate goods, machinery and transport equipment. Because the country possesses enough resources for this purpose which are imported from abroad.

The Netherlands mainly exports raw materials for the plastics industry in Hungary and it is high on the list of trading partners.

Alblas is almost 15 years in Hungary and has a fast connection to Hungary. In Gyal we have a warehouse with 1500 pallet places.

Our local people speak excellent Hungarian and can help you with detailed agreements.


HU-2360 Gyal

Pallet positions 1500
Harmless goods: Yes
Hazardous goods: No
Temperature controlled: No
VAL area: 200m2
Crossdocking: Yes
WMS: Yes
Real Time Insight: Yes
EDI: Yes



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