ISO 9001 (2015)

To provide insight into the quality of our processes and continuously improve Alblas International Logistics is ISO 9001 certified. So you get value for your money.

The international ISO 9001 certification was created to provide customers businesses more certainty.

According to an international standard examines whether the internal organization of a business is arranged so that the company can reasonably meet the customer demand.

Do what is promised
If you go into the sea with an ISO 9001 certified company, so you know for sure that you will not get any unexpected surprises. The company does what is promised.


That includes Alblas: your goods are safe with us: Your shipment is headed to its destination within the agreed time for the agreed amount.

Annual review
Alblas internationaal transport bv, with locations ‘s-Gravendeel, Emsbüren and Jacobsdorf is monitored annually with the questionnaire of the independent ISO evaluators: a sound quality management system?

Learn officers and employees what the rules are about safety, quality and environment, and how to act in certain situations?

If the auditors find that these questions can be answered with yes, the certification will be extended another year.